Stop Video Game Addiction – Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download


Stop Video Game Addiction quicker and easier with Self Hypnosis. This Mp3 Download guides you through the process of self hypnosis to take control back.


Stop Video Game Addiction – Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download

Do you thnk you need to stop video game addiction? Are you addicted to video games? If you’re not sure, try answering these questions honestly with a Yes or No.

  1. Are video games the first thing you think about and do when you wake up in the morning?
  2. Have you ever thought you need to play less video games and do other things?
  3. Do you get resentful or upset when friends and family criticize your video game playing?
  4. Have you ever skipped eating, showering, sleeping, social activities, school or work, or something else important because you were playing video games?
  5. Do you play video games when you should be going to bed and sleeping?

If you answered Yes to 2 or more of these questions, you may be addicted to playing video games.

Video Gaming Can Be Addictive

Stop Video Game Addiction Self Hypnosis

Stop Video Game Addiction with Self Hypnosis

Many of the games are deliberately designed to be addictive. They will often start with a free trial to get you hooked, and once you’ve started playing, you often can’t save the game where you’re up to until a much later checkpoint or quest is complete.

If you are finding it hard to stop playing video games when you know you should be doing something else, or even that many hours pass and whole days just disappear, then it might be time to stop video game addiction.

If you are irritable, not sleeping enough and it begins to affect how well you think, get sweaty hands or the shakes, play for several hours and have pain in your hands, shoulders or back but still play, then your body is telling you that you need to stop playing.

Addictions of any type can be difficult to overcome. Self Hypnosis is a proven, natural technique which make it much easier for you to take more control over your life.

The Stop Video Game Addiction Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download has been specifically created to help stop gaming addiction.

After you use the Self hypnosis mp3, you will:

  • Have stronger willpower to resist playing
  • Feel calmer and more centred
  • Start to think about other things that you can do
  • Be happier that you can conquer this addiction.




Stop Video Game Addiction – Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download