Stop finger nail biting self hypnosis MP3 download


Self hypnosis is the quickest and easiest way to stop finger nail biting, with this guided self hypnosis MP3 download. Have the hands and nails you’ve always wished for, with the power of hypnosis.


Stop finger nail biting.

Do you hide your hands from people because you’ve bitten the nails so much that you’re embarrassed? Do you wish you could stop finger nail biting?

Do you long for nicely shaped nails? And fingers without the pain of hangnails?

Finger nail biting is a common habit. Often, we find ourselves biting our nails without knowing we are doing it, because our minds are focussed on something else at the time.

Commonly, it has become a habit to bite nails when you’re unsure about something, or bored, or feeling a bit stressed. Sometimes people find themselves biting their nails when they’re watching TV, reading, thinking, or on the phone. It can also be something you learned from other family members.

People of all ages bite their nails, as well as well as the cuticles and soft skin around the nail, or hangnails. Hangnails can become quite painful, and badly bitten nails can be red and sore and sometimes even the cuticles bleed. Stop finger nail biting before it leads to infections of the nail bed and your mouth.

Badly bitten nails are a public display that you feel bored, stressed or insecure. You can’t hide a nervous disposition by hiding your hands and nails forever. Continued nail biting can even lead to abnormal nail growth and even cause deformity of your nails.

But the good news is that stopping finger nail chewing is easier than you think, with self hypnosis.

Take charge of the appearance of your finger nails with the help of self hypnosis.

stop finger nail biting with hypnosis

stop finger nail biting with hypnosis

If you want to stop finger nail biting and grow long lovely nails, take action today. It is within your power to have good looking nails.

Stop finger nail biting self hypnosis Mp3 download from yHypnosis allows you to play the Mp3 in the privacy of your own home and guides you through the reprogramming of your mind to stop the habit.

You can stop finger nail biting with self hypnosis.

After using the Stop Finger Nail Biting Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download, you will:

  • Be more conscious of when you put your fingers near your mouth
  • Be able to stop yourself from chewing on your nails
  • Feel more confident in yourself and your appearance
  • Be more relaxed


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