Hypnosis Facts

Hypnosis Facts and Resources.


Hypnosis Wiki.  The Hypnotists at yHypnosis believe hypnosis can improve your life, and have written a plain english wiki about hypnosis and related disciplines.  Only qualified Hypnotists may edit the Hypnosis Wiki, so you are assured of information from people who are trained in hypnosis and who actually practice it.  There are many misconceptions about what hypnosis is, if you want some no-nonsense, plain english information about hypotism, we recommend you have a read of the wikiat


Hypnosis Publications.  At yHypnosis, we have read literally hundreds of publications on hypnosis.   Hypnosis is a broad field of study and practice, so how do you select a book for the area of hypnotism you are interested in?   We are continually reading publicatins and trialling new methods, and are happy to share some tips about the publications broadly available for purchase.





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