Learn Stage Tricks and Illusion

Imagine being able to do some of the amazing things that mentalists and stage performers do.
Would you like them to wonder how you did it, and keep them guessing?
If you want to learn the most impressive stage tricks using mentalism, illusion and magic, then check out the list below.


This is an impressive skill – being able to walk up to someone on the street and in a minute or two, be able to tell them the name of the person they’re thinking about. Imagine how impressed your friends would be if YOU could do this! Watch the video below for a demonstration.
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Learn the art of COVERT HYPNOSIS

Many stage tricks involve putting the “volunteer” into a suggestible state using covert hypnosis to then lead them to a particular answer.
This is a more advanced skill for anyone who is looking to progress their magic beyond just simple tricks and illusions. If you want to master the more advanced forms of magic, this is a skill you need to master.
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Mentalism Magic Course

Basic magic covers tricks that use props and illusion to trick your audience into thinking it’s seeing something when you’re actually doing something else.
Mentalism is the art of magic without the props and gadgets – it’s when you can use the techniques of mentalism to guide your audience into believing that they are seeing soemthing. This great course even starts with giving you the first mentalism trick for free.
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