Fix Your Life with NLP (Book Review)

Fix your Life with NLP

Fix Your Life with NLP

by Alicia Eaton, Simon & Schuster, 334 pages, RRP $27.

Fix your Life with NLP

Fix your Life with NLP by Alicia Eaton

The author likens NLP to anti virus software for the mind, explaining that NLP can be used to clear out unwanted information in your mind.

Fix your Life with NLP is split into two sections – the first explaining how our minds work and why we run into problems like bad habits.
The second section describes a number of helpful techniques that will help the reader solve some specific issues.  There are numerous, simple exercises explained thoughout the chapters to help harness the power of your mind.

The reader is encouraged to make use of a specific method required whenever they have a problem such as fears or phobias and want to make that change to their habits to stop smoking, reduce weight or improve their confidence by using the latest psychological techniques of NLP.

Client stories from the author’s Harley Street practice reveal how you can fix those fears and phobias such as fear of air travel, shopping addictions, public speaking or; deal with unpleasant habits such as Facebook obsessions. Readers are encouraged to view this book as a ‘first aid kit for the mind’ that can support them, plus friends and family, for many years.

Most NLP books are written by NLP  Trainers specifically for those training in this subject which means there are often very technical explanations along with predictable bits of industry-specific jargon.  Alicia Eaton has skilfully written Fix Your Life with NLP in the same way a therapist talks directly one-on-one to a client.  The reader will find makes this book so much easier to understand and adopt NLP habits and methods without being overwhelmed by excess jargon.  The book explains how NLP can easily be incorporated into your daily life.

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Alicia Eaton, author of "Fix your Life with NLP"

Alicia Eaton, author of “Fix your Life with NLP”


“Just as you’d download an app for your phone or computer, it really is now possible to download an ‘app’ for your mind.”

(Alicia Eaton)

About the Author

Alicia Eaton is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is licensed by The Society of NLP both as a Master NLP Practitioner and an Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist.
She has run a successful practice in London’s Harley Street since 2004.
She has been trained to the highest level by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), Paul McKenna and Michael Neill.