The Psychic Way: Fine-tuning your Intuition (Book Review)

The-Psychic-Way, fine tuning your intuition

The Psychic Way; Fine-tuning your Intuition

The-Psychic-Way, fine tuning your intuition

The-Psychic-Way, fine tuning your intuition by Barbara Ford-Hammond.

The Psychic Way: Fine-tuning Your Intuition by Barbara Ford-Hammond, 6th Books, RRP $19.95

The Psychic Way can really help the reader with their own personal psychic development. It is easy to understand and enjoyable to read and will leave you wanting to read more by this author. Barbara’s personality comes out in this lovely book and she shares her gifts with the reader in a caring way. It is by far the best book in psychic development you will read.

The Physic Way gives you a taste of different forms of psychic awareness and explains things in a concise and enjoyable way. Barbara’s writing style is accessible and humorous and she provides enough depth to allow people to understand how to access each skill. You will enjoy the simple meditations and the way she makes the terminology easy to understand.

The book is essentially divided into an introductory section, a discussion about spirit guides and meditation scripts of the mind designed for fun.

Barbara’s wish is to encourage, stimulate and contribute in a fun no-nonsense way through writing, educating and publishing.

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Barbara Ford Hammond

Barbara Ford Hammond, author of The Psychic Way: Fine Tuning Your Intuition.


About the Author:

Barbara has been running a hypnotherapy practice and training school for over twenty years, and works with an international clientele as a therapist, coach and healer.

Her time is split between the UK and Greek Island of Lesvos where she hosts many successful writing retreats.