Self Hypnosis New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation (Book Review)

Self Hypnosis New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation

Self-Hypnosis: New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation

by Dr Adam Burke, Crossing Press RRP $15.00

Self Hypnosis  New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation

Self Hypnosis New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation by Adam Burke


Self-Hypnosis: New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation written by Adam Burke is an easy yet authoritative resource for self-transformation.

This all-inclusive guide makes sense of the secrets of your mind.  It explores how to utilise the practice and methodologies of self-hypnosis and incorporate these into your daily routine, to give the reader a new outlook on life and help to fine tune control of personal mind and destiny.


The book is divided into three parts and comprehensively covers the topic of self-hypnosis from A to Z.

In part one the book discusses the transformational powers of self-hypnosis.   To understand the possibilities of hypnosis, the author examines the power of belief and its limitations : Denial and False Logic, Selective Attention, Avoidance, Inertia and Self-fulfilling prophecy.  The book also looks at mind-body learning and eastern perspectives on learning and habits.

The book has a self hypnosis “Quick start”  – a simple, “one minute method” that is explained in just a page and a half, that the reader can quickly learn and use to get started on the path to hypnotizing yourself.

In part two the different elements involved in hypnotism and self-hypnotism are explained.  There are chapters on Preparing for Self Hypnosis, Creating Clear Goals, how to Focus, how to Deepen a hypnotic state, and Using Hypnotic Suggestions to make the changes desired.

The chaper on Focus gives 6 techniques for hypnotic induction (putting yourself into a hypnotic trance).  These are explained simply and clearly, so that even a beginner can achieve self hypnosis.  Ther eare also 4 simple induction exercises explained.

In part three the author shows the reader how to incorporate the powers of hypnosis into their daily life through integration and application techniques.  The importance of carefully forumulated hypnotic suggestions is explained, which is the key to achieving change.

In chapter twelve, the author provides some specific hypnotic suggestions for specific topics, including childbirth, relationships and love, skin conditions, sexual health, addictions and habit control, anxiety, phobia, fear and stress, career, Financial security and prosperity, Learning, Pain, Weight Loss.

This is great for a beginner looking to try self-hypnosis.


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Dr Adam Burke

Dr Adam Burke, author of Self Hypnosis, New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation

 “Our positive beliefs inspire us.  They allow us to embrace dreams, to harness healing energy, to have hop and confidence, and to take empowered action”.

(Dr. Adam Burke).

About the Author

The author Dr. Adam Burke, is a research psychologist, acupuncturist, and educator.

He has advanced degrees in public health and psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of California, Santa Cruz.

He has also studied traditional Chinese medicine in San Francisco and in Sichuan, China.