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Self Change Hypnosis
Self Change Hypnosis

Self Change Hypnosis by Richard MacKenzie

Self-Change Hypnosis

by Richard MacKenzie, Trafford Publishing. 139 pages.

Self-Change Hypnosis written by Richard MacKenzie gets to the point quickly and gives the reader genuine practical advice and techniques on using the power of your mind.

Anyone who is truly interested about making a change for the better should read Self-Change Hypnosis.   It is written in a plain english, easy to understand style without too much jargon.

The section on FAQs is informative and straightforward.  The author answers questions such as What is Self Hypnosis?   Can Anyone use Hypnosis?    What if I don’t wake up?   What will it feel like?   How will I know that I have been in trance?

Eight different induction methods are explained and the relaxation techniques make the process of self-hypnosis simple.

In the chapter on Dealing with Issues and Building Effective Suggestions, Richard explains the importance of creating a suggestion that is effective and safe.   He then explains how tone of voice and speed of speech are important factors in creating a hypnotic trance.

The book contains a number of complete self-hypnosis scrips that will assist the reader with specific issues:  smoking, slimming, stress, phobias, confidence, public speaking.

Readers interested in discovering the early development of hypnosis will find the final section on the history of hypnosis a real eye opener.


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Richard MacKenzie, author of Self Change Hypnosis

Richard MacKenzie, author of Self Change Hypnosis

“Basically, we know for a fact that almost everything that involves mankind achieving something starts with a single thought. This thought becomes an idea and then it follows through to become a dream, and then to an ambition.”

(Richard McKenzie)

About the Author
Richard’s has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of self-change hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique fields.

His clinic is based in Witney, Oxfordshire UK.