Escape World of Warcraft addiction Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download


You can beat World of Warcraft addiction easily with self hypnosis mp3 downloads. Help yourself break free from addiction and get on with your life.


Escape World of Warcraft addiction.

Have you ever skipped a meal, or a shower, or stayed up all night playing World of Warcraft? Have you missed a date or a meeting because you were playing and forgot what time – or what day- it was? Have you ever missed a party or an event, or have you stopped doing other things that you used to enjoy because you spend all your free time playing World of Warcraft?

How exhausting is it to play WoW, how much does your back or hands ache? Do you ever feel dizzy after playing for several hours? It doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t get you anything in real life, like a new car or new clothes or a place to live or a new computer.

Do you feel that WoW has become a bigger part of your life than anything else? Is it all you think about and pretty much all you talk about? Do your friends or family tell you that it’s a problem? Have you started hiding how much you play from your family or friends?

Am I addicted to wow? Try a WoW Addiction Test

Answer the following with yes or no

  • Have you ever had a nagging feeling you should reduce your WoW playing?
  • Have people annoyed you by being critical of yourr WoW playing?
  • Have you ever felt guilty about playing WoW?
  • Have you ever played WoW first thing in the morning, before doing anything else? Is it literally the first thing you think about when you wake up?

Count the number of yes answers. A WoW Addiction Test Score (WATS) of 2 or more may be an indication that you have a WoW Addiction. If you have a score of 0 or 1, you are less likely to be addicted to WoW.


If your grades, or you job, or your relationships are suffering, then it’s time to undertake your greatest challenge – escape World of Warcraft addiction and win at the game of living your life.


World of Warcraft is addictive.

escape from World of Warcraft addiction

escape from wow addiction

There’s nothing wrong with playing games on your computer, or on the internet as entertainment. Multiplayer games give gameplay a new dimension, adding excitement and unpredictability to quests and combat.

But when a game, like World of Warcraft, is designed to keep you involved for long periods of time – hours or days – because you can’t just save where you were up to and come back to it later, it can set up the conditions that lead to compulsive behaviour.

If you find yourself playing even though you are tired, or uncomfortable, or haven’t done anything else at all today, then you are experiencing more than the game – you are a captive to an impulse beyond your control, and that is called addiction.

World of Warcraft addiction is real, and like all addictions, it affects not only you, feeling compelled to keep going back to it, it also affects your whole family. The people who share your life miss you when you are no longer there to spend time with them. Friends will drift away if you never return their calls or drop out of the things you used to do together.

You can beat World of Warcraft Addiction.

All addictions are difficult to overcome and World of Warcraft addiction is no exception. Often, the people around you will not understand just how hard you are finding it. Self hypnosis can help you break free from the compulsion and take back control of your life.

Self hypnosis is easy to do, you don’t need any special skills, and will make you not only feel better, but think differently about your life.

When you use this download, you will benefit from:

  • Feeling you can do other things
  • Family and frends will notice you can spend longer and longer away from the game
  • You can have conversations about things other than Wow
  • You can exercise greater and greater control over how you spend your time and you can focus on other things you want in life.