Stop Nail Biting – Hypnosis Script download


Stop Nail Biting – Hypnsis Script in PDF format for download by professional hypnothrapists.


The Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis Script

is a complete script in PDF format, ready for download and use by hypnotherapists. The hypnosis script has been written by a professional, practicing hypnotherapist and is ready for immediate use.

Hypnosis is effective to stop nail biting

Stop Nail Biting with hypnosis script download

The Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis Script includes a full induction, the stop nail biting suggestion, and a re-emergence script.

Nail biting is frequently an indicator of nervousness, shyness, anxiety, discomfort or boredom. In order to stop nail biting and grow long, beautiful nails, the patient must stop biting the nail, the cuticle, and the skin around the nails. Encourging the patient to be aware of when nail biting occurs will quite often uncover the underlying cause of the nail biting habit, and further hypnosis can address the underlying cause. Sometimes nail biitng is just habit, and has often been learnt from other family members. Usually the symptoms of nail biting are quite obvious, with the patient having ragged, unkempt nails which may be bitten down to the quick. Often, the fingers are painful and also have hangnails. This downloadable PDF script contains suggestions to make the patient more aware of when and why they bite their nails and increases the patient’s motivation to stop nail biting and have nice nails and fingers.

The Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis Script download is available for instant download to facilitate clinical hypnosis sessions. The licence permits the practicing hypnotherapist to use the script on multiple clients in their practice. The downloaded script must not be re-sold, distributed, copied, shared, gifted, posted online or otherwise distributed. A download must be purchased for each hypnotherapist who wishes to use the script. Hypnotherapists are permitted to change sections of the script to tailor the downloaded file to their patients’ needs.

Additionally, the hypnotherapist can encourage the patient to purchase the compelte script as an MP3 audio download to reinforce the suggestion. Studies have shown that reinforcing the hypnotic suggestion can increase the effectiveness of clinical treatment.