Rapid Healing Hypnosis Script Download


Several scientific studies have shown that hypnosis used in conjunction with traditional medical treatment can speed up the recovery process. Patients typically heal between 14% and 30% faster with hypnosis.


Rapid Healing Hypnosis Script Download

Rapid Healing Hypnosis Download Script

Heal faster from illness or injury iwth hypnosis

Heal faster from sickness and injury with the Rapid Healing Hypnosis Script Download.

Multiple studies by medical resarch insitutions and universities around the world have confirmed that injuries and sickness heal between 14% to 30% faster when hypnotherapy for rapid healing is combined with medical treatment compared with just medical treatment alone.

The human body has an amazing ability to repair and heal itself. The Rapid Healing Hypnosis Script focuses the mind’s healing abilities for faster recovery from illness, surgery and injury.

Repetition of the message will assist in faster recovery, so patients are encouraged to also purchase the Rapid Healing Hypnosis MP3 download and listen to it frequently during the convalescent period. Listening daily to the short download reinforces the message to the subconscious mind and further boosts the effectiveness of hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnosis for better sleep, pain relief and stress relief may also assist more rapid healing. If the patient is experiencing fear of hospitals, medical treatment or medicines, hypnosis to alleviate the specific fears may also be beneficial.

The Rapid Healing Hypnosis Script Download has been prepared for use by all age groups and is effective on children as well as adults. The script encourages the use of visualization techniques to deeply focus the mind on the body’s ability to repair and heal. Hypnosis for more rapid healing boosts the effectiveness of medical treatment so is viewed as a healing aid rather than an alternative therapy.