Overcome Fear with Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download


You can control the way you think and Overcome Fear with this Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download. Free your mind from the things that hold you back.


Overcome Fear with Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download

Do you let the life you want to have slip through your fingers because you are overcome with fear?

Fear can stop us from doing the things we really desire. Fear is a primal emotion, necessary for our survival, because it warns us of dangers and triggers the body to confront the situation or to run and hide from it (also called the fight or flight response). But fear an also be triggered by perceived dangers. Sometimes, what we perceive as danger is not really a threat, it’s just our personal insecurity about something that the mind is reacting to.

Often fears and learned and generalised. For example, a study by John Watson in 1920 showed that a boy who was conditioned in a scientific experiment to fear a white rat, also developed a fear of more general things that resembled a white rat, including a rabbit, a dog and a white cotton ball. So the scientific experiment shows that not everything you fear is logical, or even real, and you can fear a much wider range of things than just those things that are threats to your safety and security.

So during our lifetimes, we have each collected a whole group of things in our head which we logically fear, as well as an even bigger group of things that slightly resemble the thing we really fear. So if we’ve each “collected” all these fears, can we do something about it?

You can overcome fear with the use of self hypnosis.

Overcome Fear with self hypnosis

Overcome Fear with self hypnosis

Learning to hypnotize yourself is a great way to take control and overcome fear. It’s been proven scientifically to work by many studies over the last hundred years.

It’s a handy technique when you need to make a presentation but fear impacts your performance, or when you need to travel but are afraid to fly, as just two examples. Whatever your fear is, tackle it in your own way and at your own pace with the Overcome Fear Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download. The download comes complete with an introduction which explains how to get the most out of self hypnosis.

After using thee Overcome Fear Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download, you will:

  • Feel more relaxed and centred
  • Feel more in control of your thought processes
  • Have less fear and more courage
  • Feel more at ease with tackling things you used to find challenging