Have More Confidence – Hypnosis Script Download


The Have More Confidence Hypnosis Download Script has been prepared by a practicing Hypnotherapist to boost the confidence levels of patients. This general script gives a broad confidence boost to the patient and will help them cope with whatever challenges they are facing.


Have More Confidence Hypnosis Script Download

Greater Confidence with hypnosis

Have more confidence hypnosis script download

The Have More Confidence Hypnosis Script Download is in PDF format and fully formed with an induction, the suggestion, and a re-emergence section.

For patients who feel nervous about making a speech or presentation in front of people, expriencing performance anxiety, having difficulty making decisions, experiencing extreme nervousness and with too much self-doubt, this script is aimed at boosting general confidence levels through self belief. This well-rounded script aims to relax the patient, boost their feeling of self worth, and encourage them to have a greater belief in their own abilities.

For clinical hypnotherapists who have an insecure patient with lots of self-doubt but an unknown cause, this script is broad enough to assist treatment.

Self Confidence can be shaken by many things: past events, unpleasant memories, illness, loss and accidents, disappointments in career, home, family and friends can all play a part. Additional treatment for the underlying root causes of the patient’s lack of self confidence can also be beneficial, but often it will require a bit of a confidence boost to get to the root of the problem.

Patients with a lack of confidence may also benefit from purchasing and downloading the have more confidence MP3 download, which can be used in conjunction with clinical hypnosis sessions, to reinforce and boost the hypnotherapy treatment. Additional MP3 downloads for specific challenges (eg. relaxation, giving a presentation, talking to the opposite sex, self esteem booster, and improved relationsihps) may also assist further personal development and growth.