Facebook Addicts Hypnosis Script Download


Effectively treat facebook addicts with the hypnosis script download. Freedom from addiction to Facebook is treated with this professionally written script


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Facebook Addicts – Hypnosis Script Download

Facebook addicts can be cured with hypnosis

Stop facebook addiction with hypnosis script download

Hypnosis is a powerful and proven treatment for addictions. This professionally prepared hypnotherapy script effectively treats facebook addicts, influencing their choices of social interactions. There is also an mp3 available for self hypnosis here.

Facebook addiction is not yet recongised as a clinical disorder, however if an individual recognises that they are experiencing any type of addictive behaviour that they want to take more control over, then hypnosis can help.

Scientific studies have concluded:

  • Facebook users often are more extraverted and narcissistic vs non-users. (Ryan et al 2011).
  • The more frequent the use of Facebook, the lower a person’s self esteem (Schwartz et al 2010).
  • Facebook-related jealousy is real and increased use of Facebook by addicts is a likely pre-indicator (Muise et al 2009)

Obsession with Facebook may result from many factors, including

  • Facebook use often starts as an easy way to keep in touch
  • Facebook allows us to publish once and inform a whole social circle
  • It feeds our curiosity about others lives and experiences
  • Facebook allows voyeurism or stalking of others
  • Facebook feeds our egos and need to belong through the endorsement of likes, comments and shares
  • Faceook addicts are often looking for something to boost their mood. The most popular posts are frequently something funny
  • Faceook addicts may feel included in a broad, exciting world
  • Facebook use is often a result of boredom
  • Facebook is often felt to be a way to increase an individual’s popularity
  • Often, facebook addicts feel that they’re “missing out” if they’re not constantly checking for updates
  • Perhaps the most addictive aspect of facebook is the feeling of not being alone.

A statistic has been reported that 57% of facebook users talk to people online more often than in real life.