I Can Make You Happy (Book Review by yHypnosis)

Paul-McKenna, Hypnotherapist
I Can Make You Happy, by Paul-McKenna

I Can Make You Happy, by Paul McKenna

I Can Make You Happy

by Paul McKenna, Bantam Press, RRP $23.00

Do you suffer with depression, have you tried many councillors and doctors without much success? Paul McKenna’s book and CD, I Can Make You Happy will transform your life and provide the reader with positive, tangible results you want today.

Self-hypnosis gives you a sense of control and in his book, Paul allows the reader to approach this at their own pace. Your family, friends and work colleagues will begin to notice the positive change in you for the good.

I Can Make You Happy has instant techniques that reduce sad feelings straight away, situations that would have a person crying and sinking back into depression…won’t get you down anymore. You will have a more positive outlook to your life that helps keep you grounded.

The book comes with a great hypnosis CD, that you can play straight away.

The book covers nine sections.
• Introduction
• The instant pick-me-up
• Habits of happiness
• New routes to happiness
• The power of perspective
• The values of happiness
• Friends and relationships
• The value of emotions
• Bring it all together

Paul has repeatedly impressed audiences and clients by proving how small changes in people’s lives can deliver huge results, whether it’s curing someone of an addiction, a hard to cure phobia or clearing up deep-seated issues in a matter of days.

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About the Author

Paul McKenna has successfully performed his distinctive style of personal transformation on Olympic athletes, Hollywood actors, Business executives, Rock stars and members of the Royal family.
For the past twenty years, Paul has assisted millions of people to successfully quit smoking, reduce stress, lower weight, conquer sleeping disorders, and generally improve self confidence.
He is also one of the best selling non-fiction authors and TV personality in the UK today, watched by millions of people around the world.