5 ways to increase your Happiness. (Infographic)

Infographic on Happiness

Be Happy, in celebration of the International Day of Happiness.


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In celebration of the first International Day of Happiness, declared by the UN to be the March Solstice, 20th March 2013.

Happiness Pictograph Contents

Happiness is Contagious.

The Happiness Ripple Effect.

  • When you are happy, you affect those around you, making them happier too.
  • Happy people have more friends.
  • The greater the level of happiness in a community, the better the health, productivity and prosperity.
  • Happy people have more energy, confidence, and live longer.


Even Small Acts of Happiness Ripple to Create Big Change.



In 2013, The UN Declared the March Solstice as the International Day of Happiness to highlight that human “progress” is more than just economic growth, it’s also about the wellbeing and mindset of the human race.


  1. Acts of Kindness.   Kindness to other people makes us happy, and kicks off a “ripple effect”.
  2. Spend Time Wisely.   People usually equate Happiness and Money.  But it’s how you spend your time that impacts happiness more.
  3. Feel the Flow.  When hours pass in what seems like minutes, you’re in a Flow State.  When we are in a Flow State, we feel good.  Learn to seek out the flow.
  4. Mind your Mindset.  The key difference between Happy and Unhappy people is mindset.  If something bad happens, does your inner critic take charge, or do you look at what you can learn from the situation?  Change the way you think to feel happier.
  5. Count your Blessings.  Be grateful for the good things in life:  use affirmations, self hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques to reduce stress, boost energy and enthusiasm, and maintain a positive outlook.